Predator 500 carb hook up

FCR carb and the stock fuel pump - Polaris Riders I talked to my local polaris dealer about it and they were stumped. I put the 500 motor in a stock frame with stock carb,stck fuel pump,stock cdi,and. one last, You guys would love the way I hooked up the fuel pump. 2004 predatorblack/red560,rath pro frame,falicon crank,alot of cryo parts.

Stage 1&3 - Dynojet They agreed everything that i had already done is just what they would have done. Predator. Stage 1&3. Remove vacuum slide from carb. Remove stock needle. Install Dynojet needle on groove #2, using all stock spacers F. A. NOTE.

Predator 212 air cleaner removal / throttle connection I have two out of the three basics, air and spark, just no gas. I picked up a new Predator 212 engine and the. Predator 212 air cleaner removal / throttle connection. as it is already set up with direct throttle hook-up.

Jets R Us POLARIS PREDATOR 500 main pilot slow jets kit 1:have you checked to be sure the fuel valve is turned on? 2:make sure you have the fuel pump hooked up correctly. TYPE 2 Jets-R-Us Carb Mounted Choke. Choke 002-458. This choke locks in the ON or OFF position. With this choke the enrichner fuel flow is hh. To install

Heres the info for a 450r carb on a Predator Archive - ATV. Make sure the vacuum line(the line with the wave like picture" has vacuum when you crank the engine over. On the carb you will need to remove the choke, I believe it is a 9/16. bars then install into Yamaha YFZ450/Honda 450R thumb throttle.

My thoughts on Predator carburetors. - DragStuff You can hold the vacuum hose in your hand, and place you finger on the end. On the 2009 models, there is only on and off.#2: This was a problem that started randomly one day. Predator makes a carb with an idle circuit specifiy for. but you won't be able to hook up the kickdown cable on the. My thoughts on Predator carburetors.

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