Dating erie cast iron

GRISWOLD AND CAST IRON INFORMATION BOARD From 1865 until the late 1950s, the Griswold Manufacturing Company of Erie, Pa. Griswold pieces made in the Wagner foundry do not say Erie on the piece and were made. I have a pan/set, Dutch Oven, bread pan and it is marked with.

Antique and Vintage Sets - Collector Information Collectors Weekly Made various cast iron implements for home use, including many types of hardware. In the second half of the 19th century, one particularly legendary cast-iron cookware. Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Griswold made its first sets in 1865. Dating Griswold sets, which were produced in a range of sizes from #6 to #12, can.

Pre Griswold ERIE Kettle #9 Cast Iron 3 legged pot Patent Date. Their selection of cookware included sets, muffin pans, roasters, bread molds, waffle irons, kettles, dutch ovens and even miniatures. Pre Griswold Erie Cast Iron #8 Set fry pan clean seasoned nice early pan. Sets,Cast Iron,Irons,Cleanses. Derek on Cast Iron - Cast Iron Recipes Article.

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